Day 1: Everything DiSC® & The Five Behaviors® Virtual MindLab Agenda

Welcome to Virtual MindLab

Julie Straw, VP, Operations
Barry Davis, EVP, Professional Learning

Connect, Transform, Amplify Keynote

Romain Mallard, General Manager, WLS
Cherryl D’Souza, VP, Brand Management

Changing the Learning Game

Katie Fuhrmann, Brand Director, Everything DiSC®

Mark Scullard, Sr. Director, Product Innovation
Liz Davis, Multimedia Product Designer
David Fiedler, Sr. Director, Digital Experience

The way organizations train and develop their workforce continues to change. What was once a one-size-fits-all curriculum is rapidly transforming into a personalized, learner-centric experience. To stay relevant, we must evolve with this change. This session will provide a first-hand look at how Everything DiSC is transforming the learning experience from a once-and-done, application-focused program to a return-and-learn, culture-driven process. Together, we can have an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and cultures of organizations everywhere. Let’s change the learning game!

Partnering for Success

Clare McInerney, Director, Partner Channels

Jidana James, Director, Consumer Insights

We live in a new, ever-evolving world. To stay grounded, we have to stay connected. We’ll look at how you can stay connected to your clients while helping them navigate COVID-19. In addition, we’ll share ideas and new resources to set yourself up for success when it’s over.

Live Wrap-Up and Closing

Romain Mallard, General Manager, WLS
Cherryl D’Souza, VP, Brand Management
Julie Straw, VP, Operations